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Kenworth Glider Kit Engine Installation Harnesses now available from Kustom Truck

Kenworth Glider Kit Assembly parts kits now available from Kustom Truck

Kustom Harness is proud to introduce a line of engine control harnesses and assembly parts kits for application in Paccar glider kit trucks.  These engine control harnesses and assembly parts kits were engineered, proto-typed, and developed for installation of a PRE-EMISSION Caterpillar, Cummins, or Detroit Engine into the current production Peterbilt and Kenworth glider kit trucks.  The Kustom glider kit harnesses allow for a true plug and play electronic engine installation into the OEM chassis with no dash interface, harness modifications, or workarounds required. For applications that use a Caterpillar ADEM 2 (40 Pin), Cummins Celect +, and Detroit DDEC3/4/5 electronic engines also require a Kustom Processor Unit in addition to the engine control harness.

The development of the Kustom glider kit harnesses and Glider assembly parts kits are the result of 15 years of building gliders kit trucks, performing engine swaps between the different engine families, and engine upgrades from mechanical to electronic engines in older trucks. This experience exposed the need for an OEM quality electronic engine interface harness that would allow customers to efficiently install the engine of their choice into a glider kit while ensuring the reliability, serviceability, and quality of the glider kit truck.

All of the harnesses were designed with service and support after sale in mind, even down to the fine details such as the OEM circuit numbers on the individual wires. The result is a more efficient build, a product that is easier to support after sale through the OEM dealer network, and an overall higher quality end product out the door.

For more information on a solution and pricing for your next Peterbilt or Kenworth glider truck build and any questions regarding engine compatibility, contact Kustom Truck toll free at 888-564-8890 or 541-267-6990. Also visit our corporate websites at:

For a link to the news release from Kenworth regarding the re-emergence of their glider kit truck program:

Glider Kit Trucks are the new fad in heavy duty trucking.  The image of today’s glider kit trucks has changed drastically from what the public originally perceived.  The old way of thinking was to take your wrecked truck’s drive train and implant it into a new chassis giving the glider kit trucks a bad name.  People thought of them as an inferior product that simply used old components that were near the end of their useful life and installed them in a shiny new truck.

Today that couldn’t be further from the truth!  The emission standards have gotten more and more stringent over the last 6-8 years with the inclusion of DEF, SCR, Urea tanks just to make the engine meet the current standard.  The truck drivers are guaranteed more down time as a result of engine platforms that are not proven and less fuel economy to boot.  All of this equals a higher overall operating cost but the pay for those jobs has not increased if anything it’s gone down as a result of increased competition for the loads available.

Enter the current Glider Kit Truck, the market has increased exponentially recently as a result of what’s mentioned above.  Customers want to install the pre emission factory reman motors into the current production chassis.  Currently you are able to get a Glider Kit Truck from Peterbilt, Freightliner and Western Star.  Kenworth is also making a resurgence back into the market with two models for sure, possibly three.  They are expected to enter the market the 4th quarter of 2012 or the 1st quarter of 2013.  Interestingly enough the Paccar models (Kenworth and Peterbilt) supply engine control for the current production engine’s only!  This leaves engine control up to the dealer or the customer if they are assembling the truck themselves.  Talk about a headache and hours of shop labor!

Kustom Harness has you covered, no need to worry.   The Kustom harness allows the customer or dealer to install an engine from 2000 to current production in the chassis with a complete cradle to grave wire harness that plugs into the factory pin in the firewall and the engine ECM, with all associated feeds for engine hookup (a/c high pressure switch, fan solenoid, vehicle speed sensor, main power and ground to starter, clutch switch and low coolant level sensor).  The harness is available for CAT, Cummins or Detroit (coming soon) engine models.  The price depends on the level of installation being done anywhere from a complete engine control harness at $1,750.00 and up depending on the engine being used.

The Firewall harness Pin:

The ECM Pin:

The ability to communicate on J-1939:

And finally a photo of the complete engine control harness for a current production Peterbilt Glider Kit Truck to install a 1999 – 2003 Cummins ISX or ISM that is Pre EGR:

For more information please visit or call 541.267.6990

Kustom Harness is a division of Kustom Truck

Kustom Harness offers custom engine monitoring station and dash assemblies. We can help you design, engineer and build an efficient engine monitoring station to provide complete efficient control and monitoring of one or more engines from one location. This type of design is especially suited for portable power generation stations, pump stations, oil field equipment and other applications that require start up and monitoring of the engines from a common remote location. The Kustom Harness custom dash panel provide for the installation of gauges, controls, switches, lighting and other engine monitoring and control functions. Kustom Harness offers very flexible design options that include all harnessing, sensors, gauges, lighting, switches, etc all pre-wired and built to your specification to provide for a true “plug and play” installation.

Bison Oil came to Kustom Harness with the desire for an engine monitoring station capable of monitoring two (2) Detroit Series 60 Electronic Engines, one was a DDEC II and the other was a DDEC IV.  The electronic engine control panel was built for one of Bison Oil’s Well Cementing Trailers.

The build profile included a custom dash panel complete with Tachometers, Water Temp gauges and sensors, Oil Pressure, the volt meter serviced both engines since we had a common electrical charge system, all toggle switches, engine start switches and shutdown lamps, engine warning lamps, engine diagnostic switches and one set of cruise switches for the Detroit DDEC II.  The final piece of the dash panel was the use of a hand throttle for the Detroit DDEC IV.

Kustom Harness built a complete engine control harness for both the DDEC II and DDEC IV engines with a low coolant level sensor feed, fused ECM switched and un-switched power feeds as well as a diagnostics plug at the ECM.  Switched key power required a breakout feed that was 10 feet long and supplied power to a 16″ DC 12 volt fan.  The main trunk harness was to be 25 feet long and pre-wired to the dash panel.  Bison Oil also had the need for multiple Drill Rig Work Lights.  Kustom Harness supplied a main power and ground circut to run from the starter positive and negative to a bus bar at the dash panel and prewired with 4 relays.

Kustom Harness is a division of Kustom Truck