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Kustom Truck was approached by RB Crushing, a division of Petro West that operates out of the Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada region to to build a pair of twin 2012 Peterbilt glider kit trucks model 389 to serve as lowboy’s.  The one stipulation about the trucks, could RB Crushing get a new Peterbilt glider kit truck with a non EGR engine.  The current production motors require engine REGEN and is simply is not working in this region.  A REGEN requires extreme high heat to clean the DPF filter and burn the carbon buildup that accumulates, a process that is extremely challenging with the cold weather experienced in Canada.  Not a problem for Kustom Truck, this is what we do!

The Peterbilt Glider Kit Trucks were brought in from the factory as rolling gliders with 46K lb rears sitting on Peterbilt Air Track suspension, 48″ flat top sleepers and platinum level interiors.  Kustom Truck spec’d out a drive train package to include a pre emission 2002 model Caterpillar C-16 engine rated 600 HP @ 2050 torque.  In order to handle the power output the Caterpillar engine put out, a Fuller transmission model RTLO-20918B was chosen.

The day the trucks showed up as rollling Peterbilt glider kit trucks piggybacked into the lot

The twin Caterpillar C-16 engines sitting on the Kustom Truck shop floor up-fitted with the peripherals (starter, alternator, fan hub, belts, ect) waiting to be dropped into the engine compartment.  The Fuller transmission is already bolted to the flywheel housing as well.

Both Caterpillar C-16 engines are now installed in the engine compartment and the electric plumbing has begun a lot of work yet to be completed before we fire these trucks up.

The Caterpillar C-16 engine are now plumbed for electrical and all engine piping is installed as well as the hoods are back on the the Peterbilt Glider Kit Trucks.

Now it’s time for the Kustom Truck shop to start on the extra goodies that the customer has requested in order for the fit and finish to be acceptable.  Here’s the list of custom options:

  • 11″ drop visor by Roadworks
  • accessory lights to include: breathers, side skirts, under cab and sleeper all LED lights by Roadworks
  • Diamond plate half fenders, step boxes, chain hangers and a custom headache rack by ProTech
  • 7″ exhaust system with muffler inserts by Dynaflex
  • A custom water manifold and ceramic detail package by Kustom Truck
  • The ceramic detail package included the jake stand, cam cover, dipstick and oil fill tubes, turbo lines, the turbo hot and cold housings, thermostat housing, exhaust manifold and heat shield
  • Custom polished stainless charge air cooler and radiator pipes by B & H Tubes

Now that the trucks are assembled, test drives are complete and the trucks are awaiting delivery to RB Crushing, Kustom Truck leaves you with these parting shots.

Kustom™ Truck, Inc. is the first and only company to provide complete drive train and interface parts packages specifically for glider kit assemblies. There is more to building a truck than simply ordering the chassis from your dealer and sourcing an engine/trans combination. Kustom™ Truck has over 200 glider truck builds and 15 years experience to rely on for expertise to fill the holes the OEM left out.

Kustom™ Truck announces the release of drive train packages specific for glider truck chassis complete with the interface components that are not included with your purchase from the factory. The knowledge that has been gained by Kustom™ Truck in the past 15 years of building over 200 glider trucks has provided the foundation to develop a program for the do-it-yourselfer looking to build a glider truck. Kustom™ Truck can answer the questions regarding compatibility of the drive train and the desired chassis.

Currently there are only two OEM’s that build a glider truck, Peterbilt and Daimler Trucks North America. Depending on which chassis is chosen, the list of parts needed to complete the build can vary greatly. For example, starting with the engine a few common items not supplied are the starter, alternator, belt tensioner, idlers and fan hub as well as the associated bracketry. Depending on the OEM the transmission kit may be missing the shift lever components, the clutch linkage kit or the vehicle speed sensor at the back of the transmission. There is also no main driveline, carrier bearing or u-Joints supplied, not to mention the lack of batteries and cables. A Glider truck is far from complete regardless of the OEM that’s chosen, beside the obvious engine and transmission that will need to be supplied, there is an entire list of up-fit components that need to be sourced as well. Kustom™ Trucks innovative new drive train packages address the items mentioned above as well the other various items NOT supplied with the kit.

The Kustom™ Truck packages include factory re-man engines and transmissions from Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Fuller, and Allison. All of the components offered in the Kustom™ Truck packages are supported through and warranties registered with the existing OEM dealer network of the engine and transmission manufactures. Once the customer receives the package from Kustom™ Truck, the engine and transmission are ready to drop into the chassis and the interface parts make for a true plug and play installation. Assembling a glider truck has never been easier. The Kustom™ Truck drive train packages are the latest innovation in the glider kit market.

Kustom Truck Inc,  an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is the industry leader in up-fitting and building glider kits. Kustom™ Truck has over 15 years of experience and over 200 glider truck built to draw on for knowledge, expertise, and efficiency when it comes to building a quality product that exceeds the quality and workmanship of a factory truck. Kustom™ Truck can offer the best quality OEM re-man components, the correct interface & trim out parts and knowledgeable tech support available in the market today. For more information visit or call 888.564.8890