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The truck entered the Kustom Truck shop a little over 2 weeks ago as a 1988 Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood with a 3406B model Caterpillar engine that was no longer CARB compliant to run in the state of California.  After the engine conversion the Pete left with an 07 platform Cummins ISX engine complete with DPF, compliant through 2023 in California.

With the project complete there is not much left to say other than thanks for following along.  Here’s some pics of the final project before it left on it’s way back to it’s owners Galindo Construction.

Now that the 3rd segment of Kustom Truck converts a 1988 Pete 379 to meet the California Air Resources Board compliance through the year 2023 is complete, let’s show what was done.  In the 3rd part we dedicated it solely to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) integration into the chassis since this is such a major part of the project.  Not taking anything away from the engine conversion cause that was a huge hurdle to overcome in itself.  To complete the engine swap to include plumbing and wiring took roughly a weeks worth of labor, no small task.  The most labor intensive was obviously the wiring since the chassis came with a mechanical engine and had to be converted to accept an electronic motor that the cab was able to communicate with for all the necessary engine monitoring functions.  With that said it’s time to detail how the DPF was installed and take you through the process.

First things first a mounting location had to be chosen to house the DPF.  Where to put the large filter assembly that’s roughly 45″ in length? The passenger side step box …

We chose to custom build a step box that would be located on the passenger side of the cab, just below the door and replace the existing factory box.  The inlet comes in the front side of box through 7″ hole

The back side of the new step box was left open so we have easy access to the DPF filter as well as heat transfer and to provide an easy outlet so we can tie back into the factory exhaust system.

Once Kustom Truck bolted the step box back into the existing location of the old box it was time for a mock up of the DPF to make certain fitment and dimensions were adequate with no clearance issues

Now that the custom step box along with the DPF filter are in place it’s time to get to work on plumbing and piping to get the exhaust from the engine and out the exhaust pipes.  The turbo down pipe was first, the pipe runs down the inside of the frame rail and exits just behind the rear leaf spring hanger.

After some carefully placed bends the pipe was ready to be welded up and attached to the inlet of the DPF filter located inside the step box.

The DPF is bolted into place, the plumbing is complete, all exhaust has been custom bent and hooked up

Here is a shot from under the cab so you can see the DPF mounted in the box from the backside.

There was some custom pipe bending that had to take place in order for the DPF outlet to hook up to the factory Y-Pipe in order to make the exhaust fully functional

And finally a few shots of how the project looked once the lid was installed back on the step box.

Only one more phase of the project is left, Part 4.  In the final stage Kustom Truck will show you the conversion as a completed project, only a few loose ends still need to be tied up before we start the truck and take it on the test drive.

Now that is how a DPF should look! Stay tuned Part 4 will come early next week ….

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