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Glider Kit Trucks are the new fad in heavy duty trucking.  The image of today’s glider kit trucks has changed drastically from what the public originally perceived.  The old way of thinking was to take your wrecked truck’s drive train and implant it into a new chassis giving the glider kit trucks a bad name.  People thought of them as an inferior product that simply used old components that were near the end of their useful life and installed them in a shiny new truck.

Today that couldn’t be further from the truth!  The emission standards have gotten more and more stringent over the last 6-8 years with the inclusion of DEF, SCR, Urea tanks just to make the engine meet the current standard.  The truck drivers are guaranteed more down time as a result of engine platforms that are not proven and less fuel economy to boot.  All of this equals a higher overall operating cost but the pay for those jobs has not increased if anything it’s gone down as a result of increased competition for the loads available.

Enter the current Glider Kit Truck, the market has increased exponentially recently as a result of what’s mentioned above.  Customers want to install the pre emission factory reman motors into the current production chassis.  Currently you are able to get a Glider Kit Truck from Peterbilt, Freightliner and Western Star.  Kenworth is also making a resurgence back into the market with two models for sure, possibly three.  They are expected to enter the market the 4th quarter of 2012 or the 1st quarter of 2013.  Interestingly enough the Paccar models (Kenworth and Peterbilt) supply engine control for the current production engine’s only!  This leaves engine control up to the dealer or the customer if they are assembling the truck themselves.  Talk about a headache and hours of shop labor!

Kustom Harness has you covered, no need to worry.   The Kustom harness allows the customer or dealer to install an engine from 2000 to current production in the chassis with a complete cradle to grave wire harness that plugs into the factory pin in the firewall and the engine ECM, with all associated feeds for engine hookup (a/c high pressure switch, fan solenoid, vehicle speed sensor, main power and ground to starter, clutch switch and low coolant level sensor).  The harness is available for CAT, Cummins or Detroit (coming soon) engine models.  The price depends on the level of installation being done anywhere from a complete engine control harness at $1,750.00 and up depending on the engine being used.

The Firewall harness Pin:

The ECM Pin:

The ability to communicate on J-1939:

And finally a photo of the complete engine control harness for a current production Peterbilt Glider Kit Truck to install a 1999 – 2003 Cummins ISX or ISM that is Pre EGR:

For more information please visit or call 541.267.6990

Kustom Harness is a division of Kustom Truck

The truck entered the Kustom Truck shop a little over 2 weeks ago as a 1988 Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood with a 3406B model Caterpillar engine that was no longer CARB compliant to run in the state of California.  After the engine conversion the Pete left with an 07 platform Cummins ISX engine complete with DPF, compliant through 2023 in California.

With the project complete there is not much left to say other than thanks for following along.  Here’s some pics of the final project before it left on it’s way back to it’s owners Galindo Construction.

Time for the second installment of Kustom Truck converts an 88′ Pete 379 to meet CARB compliance through 2023 to run in the state of California.  In Part 1 we detailed how the truck showed up with a mechanical B model CAT engine and the tear down process.  Now it’s time to show the freshly painted Cummins ISX installed in the chassis as well as the Kustom Electronic Engine Control Harness being installed so the engine can communicate with the cab to allow electronic control of the engine instead of mechanical “rods and switching functions”.

The Cummins ISX after the first coat of paint prior to being up fitted with any peripherals

Once paint was completed it’s time to up-fit the engine with the associated peripherals, alternator, starter, ac pump, fan hub, filters, elbows, engine control harness, ect …

The transmission is ready to be installed on the back of the engine now that it’s been plumbed and yoke installed

The Cummins ISX has now been bolted in the chassis and the fun begins.  All the plumbing and electronic interface into a chassis that was originally set up for a mechanical engine will take place

The wiring in the dash needed to be cleaned up prior to the new Kustom Electronic Engine Control Harness being installed.  This particular dash took a little more work than usual since the existing wiring was in such poor condition.

In order for the engine and cab to communicate electronically rather than mechanically with levers and rods a new engine control harness was required, the addition of the Kustom Electronic Engine Control Harness was installed in order to facilitate communication.

A new set of dash panels were used on the job since the old panels were in such poor condition.  The Speedometer and Tachometer were replaced with electronic gauges so the engine could be monitored properly.

As a Kustom option the customer (Galindo Construction) opted to have the Kustom Water Manifold installed which is mounted to the frame on the passenger side.

In order to handle the increased heat rejection that the new Cummins ISX puts out a new cooling package had to be installed.  The radiator was increased from a 3 row to a 5 row core, as well as a new Charge Air Cooler and AC Condenser.  The new package increased the cooling capacity by about 40%

Now that the radiator, charge air cooler and a/c condenser has been placed in the chassis the rest of the engine plumbing will start coming together quickly.

Part 3 will be completed soon, stay tuned in for the next installment of Converting an 88′ Pete 379 to meet CARB Compliance through 2023 ….

Galindo Construction based out of Walnut Grove, California came to Kustom Truck with a dilemma.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently passed regulations making pre 07′ EPA engines non compliant to run in the state of California.  Since Galindo Construction had a 88′ Peterbilt 379 they either replace the truck (which was in great mechanical working condition) or find a way to upgrade to meet current CARB compliance.  One phone call to Kustom Truck and the problem was solved; upgrade the engine to meet current CARB requirements, better yet meet CARB requirements through 2023.

The 88′ Peterbilt 379 Extended hood came to us with a 3406B model CAT Engine that met CARB compliance through January of 2012.  Behind the CAT engine sat a Fuller RTO-14613 transmission.  Galindo Construction opted for a 07′ platform Cummins ISX with a DPF Filter system rated at 475 HP @ 1650 Torque that would meet CARB compliance though 2023.  Since the old transmission was no longer within torque spec there was also a transmission upgrade in store for the old Pete, a Fuller RTLO-18918B would do the trick.

The Galindo job shows up with the 3406B model CAT engine that was no longer compliant in the state of California … time for an upgrade!

First up is to get the cooling package removed, disconnect all the hoses and lines, drain the necessary fluids and get the engine ready to be pulled

Time to get that old iron outta there and get the engine compartment cleaned up …. Notice the passenger side step box, this is where the KPI DPF interface will be installed in Part 3

Now that the engine compartment has been cleaned up, time for the project to start gong back together

The customer wanted the engine to match the paint code of the red on his truck … so the Cummins ISX was stripped to get ready for a repaint

Stay Tune for Part 2 where we will be installing the 07′ EPA Cummins ISX