Part 2 of 4: Converting an 88′ Pete 379 to meet CARB Compliance through 2023

Time for the second installment of making an 88′ Pete 379 CARB compliant through 2023 to run in the state of California.  In Part 1 we detailed how the truck showed up with a mechanical B model CAT engine and the tear down process.  Now it’s time to show the freshly painted Cummins ISX installed in the chassis as well as the Kustom Electronic Engine Control Harness being installed so the engine can communicate with the cab to allow electronic control of the engine instead of mechanical “rods and switching functions”.

The ISX after the first coat of paint prior to being up fitted with any peripherals

Once paint was completed it’s time to up-fit the engine with the associated peripherals, alternator, starter, ac pump, fan hub, filters, elbows, engine control harness, ect …

The transmission is ready to be installed on the back of the engine now that it’s been plumbed and yoke installed

The ISX has now been bolted in the chassis and the fun begins.  All the plumbing and electronic interface into a chassis that was originally set up for a mechanical engine will take place

The wiring in the dash needed to be cleaned up prior to the new Kustom Engine Control Harness being installed.  This particular dash took a little more work than usual since the existing wiring was in such poor condition.

In order for the engine and cab to communicate electronically rather than mechanically with levers and rods a new engine control harness was required, the addition of the Kustom Electronic Engine Control Harness was installed in order to facilitate communication.

A new set of dash panels were used on the job since the old panels were in such poor condition.  The Speedometer and Tachometer were replaced with electronic gauges so the engine could be monitored properly.

As a Kustom option the customer (Galindo Construction) opted to have the Kustom Products Water Manifold installed which is mounted to the frame on the passenger side.

In order to handle the increased heat rejection that the new Cummins ISX puts out a new cooling package had to be installed.  The radiator was increased from a 3 row to a 5 row core, as well as a new Charge Air Cooler and AC Condenser.  The new package increased the cooling capacity by about 40%

Now that the radiator, charge air cooler and a/c condenser has been placed in the chassis the rest of the engine plumbing will start coming together quickly.

Part 3 will be completed soon, stay tuned in for the next installment of Converting an 88′ Pete 379 to meet CARB Compliance through 2023 ….

  1. David Macha says:

    simply amazing keep up the good work.

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