The Kustom Truck Coolant Distribution Manifold Available Now

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Glider Kit Trucks
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The Kustom Coolant Distribution Manifold is a water manifold to route all your heater hoses through one centralized location. One of the benefits of the manifold is to clean up the engine compartment by only having one main supply and one main return line that connects to the coolant ports on the engine, rather than have multiple hoses running to the engine. Another benefit of the manifold is that it utilizes shutoff valves at the manifold for each circuit that are being ran so in the event of a coolant leak, the valve can simply shut off the leaking circuit and continue to run until the hose can be replaced.

There are two versions of the manifold; either a three or five port circuit is available. The base model is a 3 circuit manifold that allows you to run up to 3 individual coolant circuits. There is also an upgraded model that allows for up to 5 circuits to be plumbed in. Should your application not require the use of all available circuits, the unused ones can simply be plugged. Some common circuits that the Kustom Coolant Distribution Manifold is used for are the Cab and Sleeper Heaters, Transmission Cooler, Fuel Tank Heater as well as the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). The Kustom Coolant Distribution Manifold is sold as a kit that includes the manifold, shutoff valves, hose barb fittings, elbows, and plugs. The Kustom Manifold is not chassis specific meaning it can be utilized on a Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack, Western Star, International or Kenworth trucks and can be used on medium or heavy duty applications.

  1. Zach Wilson says:

    I must say I was truly impressed on the information about the reman engine warranty versus the overhaul engine. I have a 06 peterbilt 379 with 830, 930 miles right now and I would like to know what I should do when the time comes to make that decision. I have been told to convert it to a single turbo so what could you guys do for or to my engine and what do suggest would be the best thing. I would like to know the cost on a reman engine cause I was quoted a 18, 000 price for a overhaul from caterpillar with a 4yr. Unlimited mileage warranty.

    • Kustom Truck says:

      Zach, I truly apologize for the delay in getting back to you, quite frankly a little bit embarrassed. We have not had access to our wordpress account until today. Regarding Factory Reman vs. Overhaul warranty there is obviously some grave differences between the two. The single turbo option has better reliability, less downtime and typically better fuel economy compared to a twin turbo application. I assume your referring to a CAT and with that said the 6NZ is the go-to engine. I sell those motors for $33,500 outright, no core to turn in. The engine comes rated at 550 hp @ 1850 ft/tq and the entire engine is covered for a 2 year period. If you’ve already addressed your motor please disregard this reply and again I apologize for the delay in responding.

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