Part 1 of 4: Kustom Truck Converts an 88′ Pete 379 To Meet CARB Compliance Through 2023

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Custom Built Trucks
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Galindo Construction based out of Walnut Grove, California came to Kustom Truck with a dilemma.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently passed regulations making pre 07′ EPA engines non compliant to run in the state of California.  Since Galindo Construction had a 88′ Peterbilt 379 they either replace the truck (which was in great mechanical working condition) or find a way to upgrade to meet current CARB compliance.  One phone call to Kustom Truck and the problem was solved; upgrade the engine to meet current CARB requirements, better yet meet CARB requirements through 2023.

The 88′ Peterbilt 379 Extended hood came to us with a 3406B model CAT Engine that met CARB compliance through January of 2012.  Behind the CAT engine sat a Fuller RTO-14613 transmission.  Galindo Construction opted for a 07′ platform Cummins ISX with a DPF Filter system rated at 475 HP @ 1650 Torque that would meet CARB compliance though 2023.  Since the old transmission was no longer within torque spec there was also a transmission upgrade in store for the old Pete, a Fuller RTLO-18918B would do the trick.

The Galindo job shows up with the 3406B model CAT engine that was no longer compliant in the state of California … time for an upgrade!

First up is to get the cooling package removed, disconnect all the hoses and lines, drain the necessary fluids and get the engine ready to be pulled

Time to get that old iron outta there and get the engine compartment cleaned up …. Notice the passenger side step box, this is where the KPI DPF interface will be installed in Part 3

Now that the engine compartment has been cleaned up, time for the project to start gong back together

The customer wanted the engine to match the paint code of the red on his truck … so the Cummins ISX was stripped to get ready for a repaint

Stay Tune for Part 2 where we will be installing the 07′ EPA Cummins ISX

  1. William Wallace says:

    What a shame. 3406 is one of the best engines ever built. Those old CAT motors will still be on the road long after that ’07 emissions nightmare gives up the ghost… In free states anyway

    • Kustom Products Inc says:

      The 3406 is a tried, tested and proven platform over many years William, no denying the quality or impact that the engine has provided the HD truck industry over the years. Unfortunately this customer operates solely in the state of California. In order to meet CARB certification he had 1 of 2 choices, either replace the truck or replace the engine. Since the chassis was in great mechanical condition it made a lot more sense to replace the engine to meet the CARB restrictions imposed on trucks operating in the state of California.

  2. Rasheef says:

    I’m lok four 3406 b&c

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